Protecting your families through the Anti-bacterialization process for your car interior

Our system creates a barrier effect environment in which bacteria cannot thrive. This is a new type of coating that utilises the exchange information capability between bacteria. Bacteria can mutate and become resistant to chemical agents and antibiotics. The bacteria then passes the drug resistant gene directly from bacterium to another. However, by changing the environment where the bacteria cannot inhabit, a "repellent" reaction to that area is achieved. As a result, the bacteria is killed.BRILA anti-bacterial coating has passed the EPA, (strict US Standard) test, measuring the effectiveness thus recognized as safe for children. Designed to obliterate bacteria in its entirety, it deodorizes the surfaces and with a protection coverage for over 703 kinds of harmful bacteria and mold. It's antibacterial properties are effective to keep your family safe for up to 3 years.


  • Safe for Children: Passed EPA (strict US Standard) see EPA
  • ATP.Anti-bacterialization: Protects from over 700 kinds of harmful
  • bacteria and mouldEffective for up to 3 years ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Keeps your family in the clear

BRILA Interior Coating not only removes bacteria and odor but is a system designed to maintain bacteria removal, deodorization and mold prevention for up to 3 years. It provides a comfortable, clean and safe environment from allergies and Atopic dermatitis found in children and the whole family

Excellent for antibacterial, mold prevention, mite control, and deodorization

It is effective in preventing against 700+ varieties of bacteria and mold such as E. coli, salmonella, MRSA (Staphylococcus), and vibrio.

  • Mould odour from air conditioners
  • Cigarette smoke odour
  • Pet odour
  • Body & sweat odour
  • Ammonia odour
  • Garlic and food odours, etc.

Creating a barrier effective environment in which bacteria cannot thrive - safe for infants

According to Japan Food Research Laboratories and Tokyo Metropolitan Res. Lab of Public Health, it was found that the BRILA Interior Coating is safer than salt and caffeine for infants. It has passed the criteria of the EPA "U.S. Environmental Protection Agency", which is said to be the world's most stringent.

Long term durability (up to 3 years) - why BRILA Interior coating will penetrate deep into fabric

Distinctive liquid ceramic can be seen from ambient hardening which is proven in 8 tests by (Japan Paint Inspection and Testing Association). We have seen the solid effect, which is microparticulated by a special oscillating spray gun, powered by air. A rotary batting effect is created, causing the substrate to fuse deep into the mats and fabric.