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As a comprehensive coating system, Brila, continues to penetrate into new markets with an unstoppable vision for its product through continued research, development and innovation. Created in Japan and perfected over many years, Brila Inorganic Glass Coating represent the 4th generation of vehicle coatings (1st wax, 2nd ceramic, 3rd organic glass). Delivering maximum protection, 9H hardness, and a deep shine, Brila stands out among a crowded field of vehicle coatings, as a superior option. Available in Body, Wheel, and Glass coatings as well as an interior anti-bacterial coating.


This inorganic Premium Body Coating system is unlike any other paint protection system on the market. BRILA's double layer structure offers full protection that promotes a rapid hardening of the coat- 10 times faster than that of existing products.

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The Wheel Coating protection is designed to combat any elements that contribute to dirt build up and corrosion on alloy wheels and brake callipers - the coat ensures the wheels stay looking newer for longer.

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BRILA Interior Coating is a hugely effective coating system that obliterates bacterium from regenerating through our anti-bacterial action.

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The oil-resistant capabilities of fluorine prevent the adhesion of oil to the glass surface and eliminates glare on the front windshield. BRILA Window Coating systems help to reduce water spots seen on most cars.

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Our Interior Coating System creates a barrier effect environment in which bacteria cannot thrive. Designed to obliterate bacteria in its entirety it deodorizes the surfaces and antibacterial properties which are long-lasting

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BRILA has tested our products thoroughly and have found the best method of practice for the application. Starting from our first generation we have continually researched and theorized the best paint protection system, which has lead us to a 4th Generation Inorganic glass coating we have utilized today.

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BRILA REDLINE is aimed at providing an alternative in cost, but gaining the most value out of choice � BRILA Redline Body Coating provides a coating system that creates a showroom shine and protects the paintwork at a price that�s adapted to your buying power.

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BRILA Wheel Coating ensures a �hydrophobic� effect, meaning it easily removes brake dust and has a high heat resistance. The hydrophobic effect is the observed tendency of non-polar substances to aggregate in aqueous solution and exclude water molecules

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A highly durable coat which directly forms a chemical bond between fluorine and glass without binders, whilst also creating long-lasting water-repellency.

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RestorFX is changing the industry by returning a vehicle's paint back to a factory-quality shine without high body shop costs or long turnaround times.

Of the thousands of products on the market, nothing compares to RestorFX. It is revolutionizing the way the automotive and detailing industry refinishes paint. As part of the quality assurance process, some vehicles are monitored for over eight years to ensure there is no flaking, peeling, or delaminating. RestorFX is truly permanent. And with continuous testing and evaluation, RestorFX remains the most advanced product available.

Game-changing technology

Completely restorative and permanent*

Superior results to traditional detailing

A low-cost alternative to repainting

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Safe for the environment